Pink Paw Cuffs

Pink Paw Cuffs

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These beautiful paw cuffs are perfect for any pup who needs to have their hands locked away!

One of our best customers wrote this alluring story about them.

I guarantee it’ll make you want to buy them.

As always, our shipping is 100% discreet and we give 10% of profits to RAINN.

Get yours now!

“Sit pretty.”

He knew the command, and he understood the tone. He was not about to be praised for being good.

The sharp bite, the stern and level voice, not loud, but unexpectedly quiet, sent a shiver running the length of his spine. He had to temper his response so she wouldn’t see him shake.

Or would that please her enough to lessen his sentence?

He wasn’t sure. It was a safer bet to be obedient. Especially after the bratty stunt he had attempted to pull. Heels clicked a measured, staccato beat around his form, frozen in place. The catboy’s hands were fisted into balls with white knuckles pressed into the soft carpet while his shoulders were straight, his head raised, and his eyes cast down.

Even though he was in trouble, he knew better than to cower before her. “You’ve been a bad little kitty haven’t you?” He nodded, but he knew that wasn’t enough. “Yes, Miss.”

Her footsteps stopped immediately and he gasped, catching his error. Another mistake to be tallied. He winced inwardly.

“I’m sorry, kitten, what was that?” She reached down and gripped his chin between her fingers and tilted his head back. His eyes rose to hers to take in her steely gaze.

“Meow, Miss. i am sorry, Miss.” She scoffed, releasing him.

“You know what you’ve done is going to get you punished, don’t you kitten.” She continued her circuit once more before heading towards the toy chest behind him.

“M..meow, Miss.”

“Tell me kitten, do you think you deserve to have my hands on you today?”

Her voice was silken smooth and sweet as honey. Another shiver shot through him, pleasure mixed with anticipation. His own voice paled in comparison.

“N…no, Miss.” She circled back around before him, stockinged legs bending so she could crouch and look into his eyes.

“No. You do not deserve hands. You are a naughty little kitten. Naughty kittens use their paws.”

As she spoke, she slid the pink paw cuffs over his hands, locking them in place.

A pathetic whimper was all he could utter in response. Pulling up a seat before him, she sat, one leg crossing smoothly over the other.

“Go on then. Stroke with your paws, pathetic little kitten. And don’t you dare stop until you cum all over them.”

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
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Adult Games

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GN 250000059


free size

Sexually Suggestive




Obscene Picture



bondage restraints




adult games




BDSM bondage


sexy toys


adult sex toys




hand cuffs


BDSM sex


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