DDLG Clothing – What is it?

Daddy Dom/ Little Girl (or, DDLG) is a power dynamic in which one actor has a caregiving role (i.e., the daddy) and the other is more childlike (i.e., the girl). Not necessarily involving sex, the role play incorporates the use of childlike toys such as stuffed animals, magic wands and pretty much anything pink!

Naturally, there are misconceptions about this kind of relationship but research has in fact shown that DDLG participants are not necessarily attracted to children, removing the more sinister connotations from the play. Rather, it considered to be a part of Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM), coming short on incest and the inherent focus on sexual pleasure.

Clothing, more specifically, for this kind of role play ranges from the infamous school girl get-up to pink fluffy pyjamas. For instance, online stores such as The Littlest Gift shop sell everything from dinosaur miniskirts and care bear t-shirts, to cupcake embroidered bralettes and pants with ´´Yes Daddy¨ branded on the tushy. And for those who want the full package, there´s a range of heels and girly shoes available to purchase too (most of them pink, with the exception of the unicorn slippers).

It seems, then, you can buy DDLG clothing to suit your schedule. If you would prefer the scene to be set at night, the piggy onesie or the panda pyjamas might be a good place to start. Then there is the daytime clothing range that would most certainly knock a few years off any girl (think: pink, poofy and princess). This means you can open up the role play to a variety of contexts, adding some extra thrill to your experience.

A quick skim of the internet builds a general picture of what DDLG clothing might look like – and instead of being creepy, the image that is created actually seems quite innocent. This reinforces the idea that this kind of roleplay shifts the focus from sexual pleasure or dominance, to the caregiving role described above.

Other sites, however, do choose to turn it up a notch, and provide clothing for those more into the traditional school-girl look (think: slutty Halloween). This kind of range extends to lingerie, harnesses and garter belts; almost shifting away from the childlike persona of the LG. Of course, no outfit is complete without some accessories. These tend to range from collars and chokers to bags and backpacks (the contents of which might need a whole other article).

Aside from some thematic dialogue that lovers may introduce to the scene, it is indeed the clothing that makes the play what it is. There may, of course, be some toys involved (e.g., some sites have sparkly butt plugs or glass wands) but the outfits seem to be the real facilitators of DDLG role play.

If you are looking to explore the magic of DDLG, investing in a cute outfit (or two) will really make or break the experience, and will of course help you get into character for the exciting night ahead.

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