DonĀ“t Cry Over Spilled Milk: What is the ABDL Pacifier?

Adult Baby/ Diaper Lovers (ABDL): First we should take a moment to distinguish the two components of this particular play. An Adult Baby (AB) is someone who interacts with their partner in an infantile way whilst Diaper Lovers (DL) are more erotically aroused by wearing diapers (nappies).

If you happen to enjoy both experiences, you might find yourself inclined to use the diapers as well. A form of masochism, this BDSM should not be confused with paedophilia since children are not the objects of sexual desire.

Although ABDL is a niche kink, there are many online stores which cater to this particular form of age play. Selling onesies and other baby-like clothing, these sites all cater to the needs of the adventurous ABDL. However, can the outfit really be complete without a pacifier?

A quick internet search will pull up a variety of pacifiers that you did not know existed. For instance:

The Penis

The penis pacifier is literally just that – a pacifier which has a nipple in the shape of a penis. Yes, you read that right. This allows the ABDL to introduce sexual connotations to their sucking on the pacifier, and is perfect for those who particularly enjoy an oral fix.

The Boobs

Available for those more into sucking boobs than penis, but with the same idea of introducing sexuality to the play. The boob pacifier introduces a more fun and flirty way to keep his mouth occupied, no less by two nipples instead of one.

The Gag

The pacifier gag is great for those who want to bring some BDSM to the party, and not so much for those looking to keep up with the baby act. The gag is great for any role play, but the pacifier gag is particularly tuned in to ABDL play, enhancing the vulnerability of the sub and reinforcing the control of the dom.

The ABDL pacifier, then, plays an important role in this kind of play since human beings usually associate sucking with sexual connotations – despite the fact we have been doing it since we were born (i.e., long before we knew what a blow job was).

It is well documented that many women find it erotic when someone sucks on their breasts, and vice versa with men having their penis sucked. Moreover, some people find it a huge turn on when they are performing the fellatio themselves which is where the fun shapes come into play. Thus, if you are looking to add an extra spark to your ABDL play, the pacifier is the one to try!

It is a simple element of an abstract scene, but the pacifier seems to play a key role in the overall seduction process. It is a particularly stimulating visual experience for the observer, and the sucking action can be tantalizing for the pacified partner. Even for those not into ABDL for the sexual gratification, the pacifier can then serve as a symbol of vulnerability and encourage their partner to nurture them in their baby-like state.

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