How important are ABDL clothes to the ABDL?

An Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) is someone who enjoys combining the experience of being an adult baby with wearing diapers, and is very much open to interpretation and personal preference.

In contrast to most other fetishes, there is a wide range of male clothing available in the ABDL world.

For instance, typical gear might include bibs, onesies, rompers, jeans (with that all-important extra stretch to make room for your adult diapers), shorts and dungarees. For women, the collections seem to be more limited to socks, onesies and pyjamas. However, ranges designed for those more into Daddy Dom / Little Girl (DDLG) play might hold some good clothes to fit the occasion in ABDL.

The significance ABDL clothes will often depend on the day – some days, an ABDL might want to wear jeans and bright t-shirts with superheroes on them. On these days, he might go to the park or go shopping. Other days, he might not want to leave his romper. He might sulk in his room, or stomp around the house.

One important element of any ABDL clothes range encompasses the sensory experience that comes with this kind of play. We are talking the kind of soft, fluffy clothes that make us naturally feel very cosy and cared for.
Popping on a bib might also be taken as a symbol of care and protection – steps that the guardian figure has taken to look after them.

Plastic lining in some ABDL clothes can also provide some security against leaks and provide a sensual experience for those aroused by the plastic textures. Furthermore, the knowledge that their diaper is secure in this lining is hugely important for an ABDL. As above, the focus in this role play is more about caregiving and protection than it is about sexual gratification.

However, some elements do naturally take an effect on some people.

So, how do people choose what to wear? General consensus in DDLG shows that littles don’t focus too heavily on what they want to wear, but rather on what their daddy wants them to wear. It’s a little different for ABDLs, and sometimes they may even try to rebel at what has been picked out for them.

For good behavior, they may even be awarded with the choice.
However, the majority of ABDLs have to go out and buy the gear themselves. They might pick a certain color or a style that helps them to fully immerse themselves in the character. It might have been their favorite color when they were at school, or a similar style that they wore at their (play) age. Velcro strap shoes and dungarees are usually some staple wardrobe pieces.

It appears then, that clothes are not all that important to the ABDL. This is reinforced by the weight that the childlike behavior carries in this kind of role play. Acting childish is more important than the ABDL clothes.

This makes even more sense when you take into consideration the fact that a lot of ABDL play is nonsexual, thus clothing will naturally hold less importance when it comes to achieving goals.

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